Welcome to Von Schonen Rottweilers


Welcome to Von Schönen Rottweilers as you will see our Rottweilers are not just a great working class breed but also loved members of our family.  My name is Greta Rice Owner/operator of Von Schönen Rottweilers in Shelbyville, Kentucky. I am a former Obedience Trainer/Instructor, former Animal Behaviorist and former Humane Investigator and a long time Rottweiler owner who has always loved the breed. For 20 years I have done obedience training and mobile manners animal assessments.

My career started with a basic obedience club this sparked an undeniable passion. This passion led to the start of a business called “Waggin’ Train Obedience and Mobile Manners”, where I worked for 9 years with my dear friend Rhonda, a certified trainer. Rhonda taught me so much about animal behaviors and obedience, but when Rhonda moved I went off on my own, to what I can only explain as a highlight of my life.

In my travels I’ve attended seminars with National known Trainers like Sue Sternberg (creator of Assess a Pet) and Trish King. My main Obedience companion for 13 years was a beautiful Male Rottweiler named “Bear” however when I loss “Bear” to cancer, I was heart broken and  at that time I decided to take a break from obedience. He was a novice dog, with skills that entertained so many throughout our years together, we attended schools where we taught a children what to do when they met dogs and puppies, we visited nursing homes and participated and several parades and events in or local area. Bear was and is still is the very reason I fell in love the with the breed.

Over my years I have come to know and love the Rottweiler Breed. Through breeding, our main focus is improving Our Rottweiler line, and finding people that are just as passionate about Rottweilers as I am. So it begins with Von Schönen Rottweilers (which is German for “From Beautiful Rottweilers”) 

As a breeder, I strive to produce genetically sound and healthy Rottweilers.  Canines with trainable temperaments and canines that can be used for what they were attended for, the ultimate working class breed… Whether you want a Therapy Dog, Service Dog, Advanced or Beginner Obedience Dog or just a huge lap dog rest assured you will find that here.  I have dedicated my time and efforts into providing a puppy to a family that will love, cherish and care for their Rottweiler as I do my own. 

We are dedicated to giving our dogs the best care possible.  Our Rottweilers live in our home, are raised with plenty of socialization with both people and other animals. Our Rottweiler Puppies are on a high quality dog food which is high in protein to help promote growth and strong bones.   They are taught the basics in commands at an early age and with a team of loving people they get the love and attention they deserve.  After all, isn’t it at home that we spend most of our time with our dogs?  What they do for us outside the home is just the added bonus to raising such a magnificent breed. 

So what else do we offer that some breeders don’t? Well, at Von Schönen Rottweilers you will have the opportunity to get to know your Rottweiler on another level.  Each puppy will go through our very own temperament assessment program at around 7 weeks of age.  Each puppy will be scored based on their temperament and how they deal with their surroundings.  Each puppies score will then go to help match them with the appropriate owner, and give valuable insight into what you can expect from your new puppy and what training this puppy will need in the future. This is something we believe strongly in, we want you and your Rottweiler to live a long and happy life in your home and in the environment that surrounds them. 

As you may or may not know. The Rottweiler is a vestal breed and can be used for many things. The Rottweiler is a robust, powerful and loyal dog with strong protective instincts. Rottweilers are outstanding companions and protectors, but because of the Rottweiler’s size, strength and protectiveness, owning a Rottweiler carries a great deal of responsibility and commitment. Are you and your family ready for that commitment? If the answer is “YES” then we are ready to make it happen.